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Super Control over Internet and Intranet Content

Content Control keeps your kids or any other persons away from undesirable website. We assure you the following ::

Rock-Solid Security

* Web Content Filtering

Cloud-based, award-winning Web content filtering from OpenDNS with more than 50 categories of content. No appliance necessary. Effective against proxies, P2P, Web 2.0, adult and more.

* PhishTank Anti-Phishing

Industry-leading anti-phishing powered by PhishTank, the most authoritative source of phishing data on the Internet. Protects your network, organization and its employees from fraudulent phishing scams.

* Malware Site Protection / Botnet Protection

DNS layer security protects the most vulnerable level of your network against the latest threats, including viruses, worms and zero-day vulnerabilities.

* Whitelist / Blacklist

Lets you decide where your users can navigate on your customized Internet. Whitelist-only functionality available.

Content control in corporate environment would prevent your good employees doing from bad things. Would improved the working condition and overall productivity.

Features we offer in brief:

- Blocking of file sharing programs and sites
- Undesirable sites
- Adult-content filtering
- Limit use of the Internet for the day and the week
- Set time limits for categories of websites, such as videos and online games
- Log computer activity to let you later review each user’s activities
- Send log files to any email address

Porn sites became new addiction for society. It affected all aged male and female. Social Scienctist had discovered more then 100 benefits of quiting porn.

1. Clear thinking;

2. Breathe better;

3. Smoother mood transitions;

4. Sharper mental dexterity;

5. More articulate;

6. Better memory;

7. Working through stress more effectively;

8. Increased energy levels;

9. Reduced depression ;

10. Deeper interactions with others;

11. Improved integrity;

12. Boosted confidence;

13. No social anxiety;

14. Better focus on task at hand;

15. Enjoying simple pleasures more deeply;

16. Increased faith in ability to control negative mental triggers ;

17. No risk of arrest or legal troubles;

18. Increased joy;

19. Renewed self-respect;

20. More free time;

21. Need to sleep less;

22. More free cash;

23. Confidence to try new things;

24. Increased humility:

25. Asking others for help;

26. Better partnership with girlfriend;

27. Better ability to learn and remember new things and new ?songs?;

28. Can travel without paranoia of border checks;

29. No worries about of being found by somebody;

30. Not supporting organized crime;

31. True bonds with friends;

32. Better fitness level;

33. New doors opening to spiritual world

34. Confidence to take on any task

35. Ability to strike up conversation with anyone I choose without fear or insecurity;

36. No paranoia;

37. Increased motivation for self-improvement;

38. Feeling of wholeness that is not reliant on an external source ;

39. Not being enslaved by the need for porn;

40. No more feeling guilty;

41. Saving time;

42. Communicating more;

43. Renewed sense to sensations;

44. So much more energy than before ;

45. Deeper philosophical thinking;

46. Way more patience;

47. Increased brainpower and mental endurance;

48. Regain of focus to finish one job before starting the next one;

49. Waking up in the morning feeling rested;

50. The return of wit;

51. Improved ability to relate:

52. Regain of job satisfaction;

53. Stronger mental control over moods and thought processes;

54. Better crisis management;

55. Experiencing natural highs;

56. The ability to inspire other people;

57. The development of healthy habits;

58. A sharper mental game;

59. Increased muscle tone;

60. Heightened sense of humor;

61. More love towards life;

62. Better response to emotionally charged situations;

63. Renewed sense of life, waking up to greet the morning sun and air;

64. Easier to get out of bed;

65. Development of mature, competent coping mechanisms;

66. Feeling in control always;

67. A stronger sense of optimism about life;

68. Being better at controlling other aspects of life, like cooking, exercising etc.

69. Improved quality of work;

70. More present for family and friends;

71. More agility and awareness;

72. No need to worry about porn;

73. I am not constantly craving something every time I get bored or stressed;

74. Better health, less sickness;

75. Reduced anger;

76. Better communication of feelings;

77. Dramatic improvement of self-esteem;

78. Being more interesting person;

79. Clearer memories;

80. More laughs;

81. No panic attacks;

82. Feeling of more freedom;

83. Better teamwork;

84. Reduced anxiety;

85. No more eye strain or need of eye drops;

86. Reduced paper tissue consumption;

87. The joy of making things happen and being powerful;

88. Enjoying the daylight and sunlight;

89. Enjoying the observation of lives around;

90. Better emotional health;

91. Emotional energy savings;

92. Feeling intense emotions without being ruled by them;

93. Strength to keep going when the going gets tough;

94. Joy of keeping promises;

95. Enjoyment of the relaxed mental state;

96. Improved courage;

97. Reduced desk clutter;

98. Increased trust;

99. Joy of sharing;

100. Success.

Reference http://quitporn.net.

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