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IIL opens a new era in data connectivity sector in Bangladesh. We offering MPLS based VPLS to our customers, taking the pain of simplicity in our head confirming the clients LAN/WAN environment unchanged. MPLS provides the best switching technique to reduce overhead of the LAN/WAN. VPLS makes sure the client PAN is extended without addition of any new complexity or risk. Our networking infrastructure is specialized for mainly for financial institution e.g. banks, security firms etc. Our experience and state of the art technology ensures the shortest time to connect your remote branch in easy and simple way. We had developed our infrastructure around Bangladesh and to ensure the uptime we can also give backup in wireless and wired network.

Our team of senior software professionals is comprised of skilled, experienced problem solvers, not just coders and technicians. Our managers and software architects have the business acumen to understand clients` requirements, demanding working standards and produce the high quality & right software products they need. our business analysts and software architects will carefully study your requirements to prepare a comprehensive proposal. You don’t have to provide us with structured documentation. Just let us know your thoughts and expectations, and our specialists will work on defining all the details by asking you some questions and offering our ideas on your project. The proposal is free for you and has no obligations.

The GIS (geographic information system) section of IIL has the unique ability of single point solution including all the software, hardware and networking services with the latest technology to present spatial data sorted from attribute data as per client requirement.

IIL starts a new trend in ISP for internet service. We want to havituate corporate clients with a practice of decent internet policy. We want the good emplyees of our clients to get rid of the bad things. Thus giving them the facility of the internet chopping away evil of it. We would give our clients to select the internet facility to be controlled over a wide list of categories. By default we control all the porn sites. Our customers can also control IM, specific websites, specific content pattern of the web sites like grusome contents, mal ware sites, spamming sites, personal page control, game sites, social media sites, VDO downlaod and upload sites. It can be done for even with a time policy. We also can offer track records of internet activity of client network. Controlled internet would help our clients to have the following facilities ::

1. Improved Productivity

2. Maintain employees Concentration uninterrupted.

3. Ensuring the best usage of the time of the employees.

4. Improving the moral condition of the employees.

5. Ensuring the best usage of internet Bandwidth.

6. Protecting office LAN from malware , spam and viruses embedded in the porn sites.

7. Ensuing the best usage of resources. ( It is common practice to stay after office hour for porn addiction and keeping PC/LAPTOP on for whole night for downloading clips and VDO).

8. Green internet for all.

Depending one the customer LAN and WAN requirment, we offer the best connectivity for them.

While introducing the new technology we also train our clients resource persons to take the complete care of their network. Thus decreasing the time for any changes or repair or mantainnace work.

Complete soltuiion is our target. We provide sufficient monitoring tools for their network with a capability of extension as clients wants.

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